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Siveshni Pillay

Siveshni Pillay

Project Manager : Planning, Toll and Traffic, South African National Roads Agency
Siveshni Pillay is a Civil Engineer with 21 years of experience. Her core experience includes Toll and Intelligent Transport systems with experience in traffic and transportation engineering. She is responsible for the Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) project, the first of its kind in Africa and the only single interoperable toll system for the country and is the Chair of the Toll Focus Group in SANRAL.  She is a past and current member of the World Road Association TC2.4 for Intelligent Transport Systems since 2016. She has published various articles and presented on numerous occasions on the other value-added services that the current ETC system and infrastructure can be utilized for. Further experience also includes policy development and road safety, knowledge of procedures and policies for local government and national government.