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RUC MEA 2024

2024 Agenda

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    • The overview of road tolling in Zambia
    • The government's approach to transport infrastructure construction 
    • The benefits of investing in transport infrastructure 
  1. Afternoon Networking Break
    • Types of Road User Charging – Direct (tolls) and indirect charges (tax on vehicles and their use) and the percentage revenues from the various income streams.
    • Disruptions to the revenue streams – Fuel levies and the EV and other alternative fuels.
    • Equitable user charging through regulation of public electricity charging (levy) and new fuels.
    • Gabon government's toll road proposal 
    • Expanding infrastructure to spur on economic growth 
    • How do toll roads help improve connectivity between the country's main cities?
    • The Ethiopian government's current approach to the country's transport network
    • The use of sophisticated technologies e.g. ITS for successful operation 
    • Case study - how has the transport been improved between Dire Dawa and Dewele?
  2. Lunch & Networking Break
    • Toll charging on rural roads in Egypt
    • What is the overall cost vs benefit for road users?
    • Case study - Cairo-Alexandria toll road 
    • The activation of toll gates in Qatar
    • Investing in land transportation infrastructure 
    • The development of urban traffic systems to boost the efficiency of the transportation system 
    • Probable tolling system in Riyadh
    • What plans are in place to impose fees on Riyadh's roads?
    • Future plans for Saudi Arabia's infrastructure network 
  3. Morning Networking Break
    • Zimbabwe's road-tolling system 
    • The use of toll funds to alleviate traffic congestion 
    • Impact of road user fees on road infrastructure network in Zimbabwe  sfff
    • The rollouts of Ras-Al-Khaimah's multi-lane free flow electronic tolling system 
    • How is the "Aber" toll gate operated?
    • The long term benefit to reduce congestion on the main roads 
    • Toll systems as part of Oman's transportation landscape
    • Optimising the revenues and risks of implementing toll roads in Oman
    • How will toll systems improve road user experiences 
  4. Afternoon Networking Break
    • The introduction of new technology to monitor speed levels 
    • How will this new toll road help alleviate traffic congestion and develop tourism in Bahrain?
    • Case study - King Fahd Causeway linking the South of Bahrain and Muharraq
    • Session details TBC
    • Session details TBC jiji
    • Communication and consultation are critical factors for successful flagship engineering projects
    • Stakeholder collaboration and cooperation are key to the success of any project
    • Large projects with their infrastructure and systems can be used for multiple purposes and derive far more public user benefitsombn
    • The return of toll plazas on federal roads
    • How will toll roads improve connectivity across Nigeria's major cities?
    • The enforcement of Nigeria's tolling policy - what is the long term impact?eddddd
  5. Lunch & Networking
    • History of tolling and payment methods on Türkiye’s highways
    • Benefits of the conversion to high-speed tolling system (HGS) such as increased speed of traffic and reduced congestion
    • Road user charging rates such as taxes and toll faresdfg
    • Road charges have a long tradition and are becoming increasingly important
    • Road charging is the most effective measure to address funding, congestion and air pollution problems
    • The benefits can be fully exploited when charging schemes are well dimensioned and the most appropriate technologies are selected
    • The implementation of public-private partnerships projects in Uzbekistan
    • The progress of the toll roads due to be built until 2026
    • Current road project case studies 
    • Session details TBCefff
  6. Morning Networking Break
    • How does Darb operate?
    • What are the key objectives of Abu Dhabi’s current tolling system?
    • Minimising traffic congestion in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi
    • How does Darb operate?
    • What are the key objectives of Abu Dhabi's current tolling system? 
    • Minimising traffic congestion in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi 
    • The journey of Dubai's electronic toll system
    • The economic impact of the toll road system 
    • How does Salik help regulate traffic volumes in Dubai?